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World-class precision rolling technology

Kawaguchi Metal Material Co., Ltd.

We are a leading manufacturer specializing in the hot rolling of shaped steel, which dimension is the most accurate not only in Japan but in the world. Many of our high-quality parts and products produced using precision rolling technologies and our advanced skills and know-how in the precision finishing of complex cross-sectional shapes have received high commendation and trust from the market.


 1 point
We provide even small quantities of various shaped steels at your request

 2 point
We provide complex shaped steels, even when any other manufacturers could not provide them

 3 point
We have integrated and advanced technical capabilities from roll design to rolling based on strict quality control



 Service Flow

Upon receiving an inquiry, the procedure until the products are delivered is as follows.

  • ① Receipt of inquiry, request for quotation

    Please feel free to submit your inquiries to us. We will respond carefully to your needs.
    If drawings are available, please send them to us as well.
    If not, sketches on the rough shape can also be used for our manufacturing consideration.
    We look forward to receiving your inquiries then.

    Contact Desk)Sales Department

  • ② Submission of quotation

    Based on your inquiry, we will consider whether the product can be manufactured and then calculate the cost and delivery lead-time from procurement of the raw materials until completion before sending you our quotation or via email, fax, or company visit.

  • ③ Order

    We request that you issue a purchase order if you are satisfied with the quotation.
    You can send in your purchase order in any format via fax or email.

  • ④ Design, and fabrication of manufacturing equipments

    *Manufacturing equipments-Ground rolls and glide boxes for rolling.
    The above shall be designed and fabricated to make the products, which meet your request.

  • ⑤ Manufacturing of products

    After procuring the raw materials (steel billets), a trial product will be made and after verification of it,
    mass production will start smoothly. During mass production, problem-solving and improvement of the products wil also be available.

  • ⑥ Quality inspection

    A variety of tests and pre-shipment inspections will be conducted along our severe inspection standards.
    Inspection reports and material certificates may also be issued upon request.

  • ⑦ Shipping, delivery

    Products will be delivered quickly to fit your preferred delivery schedule.
    If necessary, we can also deliver the products directly to a delivery location designated by you.

  • ⑧ After-market services

    Please ask us if you wish to change the specifications after delivery.
    We will respond promptly in case of any defects found in our products.

 Manufacturing process of hot-rolled steel



Chairman and Executive Director
Shinkichi Suzuki

Tomorrow's Technology, Today.

With the experience and technical skills as a shaped steel pionner, we will continue to contribute to the further growth of the industry.

Making use of our know-how that has been cultivated through the manufacture of cast iron and steel casting, we first started manufacturing shaped steel using hot rolling process in 1985.
Since then, we have focused our efforts on manufacturing shaped steel with precise, complex shapes under strict quality control in order to constantly satisfy the needs of our customers. We are going to keep contributing to the development of the industry not only in Japan but globally as well with our superior rolling technology.

Staff Working Staff

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Outline Company Profile

Company Name
Kawaguchi Metal Material Co., Ltd.
62 million yen
Head Office #1103 TokyoKotsuKaikan Building 11F, 2-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, TOKYO Prefecture
Sales Office Umeda Kita Place 7F,1-14-8, Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture
Hyogo Plant 278-3, Hanjo-cho, Kasai-shi, Hyogo Prefecture
Item of Sales
Hot rolled products: Shaped steel, flat bar, square bar
Chairman and Executive Director - Shinkichi Suzuki
Representative Director & President - Masahide Hirono


Jul 1985
Kawaguchi Metal Industries Co., Ltd. 
Hyogo Plant established (started hot rolling of shaped steel)
Jun 1988
No. 1 storage built
Oct 1988
Separated from Kawaguchi Metal Industries Co., Ltd.
as Kawaguchi Metal Material Co., Ltd. (Hyogo Plant)
Nov 1989
No. 2 storage built
Jan 2006
Certified as ISO9001 company
May 2006
New cutting machine installed and finishing equipments' layout rearranged
Apr 2009
Joined the company group of newly established "Kawakin Holdings Co.,Ltd."
Apr 2017
High-precision cutting machine installed
May 2017
New Office built
May 2017
Billet-yard extended
Jan 2019
Seismic strengthening of Hyogo plant
Oct 2019
Billet Cutting Robot installed



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Umeda Kita Place 7F,1-14-8, Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-pref.,JAPAN

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